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Harrogate First Again For A Hair Straighteners Recycling Service

Harrogate First Again for a hair straighteners recycling service

The UK’s first hair straightener recycling service is to be launched in Harrogate. Straightener manufacturer Cloud Nine has teamed up with a Leeds based waste management company to deliver the system. Those with hair straighteners that need recycling can send them off for disposal at their nearest post office.

The companies are hoping to save 1.5million straighteners from going to landfill by 2022. LSS Waste Management, the Leeds-based total waste management provider, has teamed up with Harrogate-based electronic hair tool manufacturer, Cloud Nine, to deliver the haircare industry’s first hair iron recycling service.

Electrical waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. In the UK alone two million tonnes of e-waste are incorrectly disposed of every year, and at present 80 per cent of that ends up in landfill.  Hair straighteners, along with other household appliances, are contributors to this problem.

Following discussions between the two Yorkshire companies as to how best make positive contributions towards this issue,. Cloud Nine, with the support of LSS, has pioneered an industry first hair iron recycling service, which is working towards saving 1.5-million hair straighteners from going to landfill by 2022.

Martin Rae, managing director of Cloud Nine, said: “The amount of e-waste going to landfill, paired with the lack of awareness surrounding the severity of this waste stream growth is concerning. We know that the hair and beauty industry needs to take action, hence our mission to lead the industry in becoming more sustainable through our commitments to recycling and more.” Partnering with LSS is an important step. We are supported by one of the UK’s most advanced waste management operators; while our customers will take comfort knowing that our new service is disposing of their old hair irons in a sustainable manner, which adheres to WEEE regulations.”

The Cloud Nine hair iron recycling service is completely free of charge, regardless of brand or place of purchase, and is extremely easy to use. Those with hair straighteners that need recycling simply need to download the pre-paid postage label from Cloud Nine’s website, securely package their straighteners, and then drop the package off at their nearest post office.

Once received, the products will be stripped down for parts that can be repurposed for use elsewhere. All elements that can’t be repurposed and products that are deemed end of life will be delivered to LSS Waste’s specialist site in Leeds where they’ll be disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations.


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