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Three Harrogate Sisters Are On A Mission To Reduce Plastic Waste.

Three Harrogate sisters are on a mission to reduce plastic waste.

Beatrice, Eliza and Theadora Haddow from Harrogate have made a piece of art made entirely from recycled material in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The Brackenfield School pupils, aged between 7 and 11, were inspired by David Attenbrough and Greta Thunberg. They want their artwork to warn people about climate change 

Their piece is on display at Harrogate Library 11-year-old Beatrice Haddow, 9-year-old Eliza Haddow and 7-year-old Theadora Haddow have made a piece of artwork made from plastic waste. They want to send a message about climate change and encourage people to reduce their plastic waste. 

Their piece of art is now on display in Harrogate Library. 

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